• White label : Your DNS
  • Your colors, logo and fonts
  • HTML Email template based
  • Multilingual

User friendly

  • Friction less KYC
  • Credit card accepted
  • MetaMask deep integration
  • Call to action driving participation


  • Referral management
  • Google Analytics
  • Email link tracking
  • Real time monitoring with slack

App Screenshot

  • Passwordless
  • User IP collected
  • Browser info collected
  • IP Ban
  • HTML template email
  • Email link tracking
  • SES smtp gateway
  • White label dashboard
  • One CTA : Contribute Now
  • Blockchain integrated
  • Frictionless KYC
  • Only required field
  • Mobile friendly
  • Images stored on Amazon S3
  • Non costly
  • IOS and android camera ready
  • Popular format accepted JPG
  • PDF format accepted as well
  • real time feedback
  • Back and Forth step
  • User friendly
  • real time feedback
  • Automatic OCR
  • Process AML
  • PDF friendly
  • KYC processing in a few minutes
  • Feedback sent by email
  • KYC profile cost optimized
  • Result in real time
  • New KYC provider added monthly
  • Civic kyc integration in progress
  • A Clear workflow
  • Once KYC is done, the ETH wallet is asked
  • MetaMask integration
  • User friendly
  • Helping user
  • ETH wallet selection

Architecture advantages


  • The user wallet private key stay with the user
  • Each customer get his own EC2 API server
  • Each customer get his own SES email server
  • 99.99 SLA - Thanks to our CloudFront Serverless technology


  • We can integrate any already existing smart contract, with or without whitelisting, with or without referral commission, even existing kyc third party
  • We can integrate with any new blockchain technology - Zilliqa - NEO - EOS etc ...

Try it now, the ico dashboard is wired to Ropsten Ethereum test network to enable contribution testing.

Try our Demo